learning to laugh at myself.

In hindsight, I probably should not have mentioned yesterday that I would post something ‘relatively exciting’ today to tide us all over until we get the wedding rundown from Marie. My uncooperative brain has instead decided to stay on holiday in Queensland and is most likely soaking up some glorious vitamin D on a beautiful Sunshine Coast beach. Yep, I’ve got the dreaded “writer’s block”.

So, instead of trying to string some average sentences together, I thought I’d share a game that CB and I like to play… and by that I mean CB finds it hilarious and I find it horrifying. The game is called, I’m going to take terrible photos of my girlfriend when she least expects it. Bonus points if she’s eating.

If the tagging of photos on Facebook or Instagram didn’t provide enough nervous energy while waiting to see what atrocity has been uploaded by friends, then imagine the nervous twitches I’ve developed whenever I look up to see CB with iPhone in hand pointed in my direction.

For your enjoyment, please scroll through some of CB’s very best work…

I saw this one coming.


Was pretty happy with this one.


May not look like it, but I was really grumpy when this was taken. That’s his favourite time to strike.


Bonus points awarded.


Candid shots and wine do not mix.


This photo made me never want to be grumpy again. That sentiment didn’t last long.


Sometimes I successfully dodge the camera.


But then this happens.


So this is what I look like when I watch the footy.


The one time my face accurately reflected my disdain for CB’s little game.


There are much worse than this too, trust me!

As much as I’m learning that I have many more facial expressions (most of them unattractive) than I knew about six months ago, I’m also learning to laugh at myself and not take things too seriously. I guess I have CB to thank for that.


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