marie is married.

The beyond beautiful Marie is officially Mrs AK following her wedding (which was so divine) last weekend. If perfection is possible, then it was achieved on this day!

Congratulations to my darling friend and her wonderful new husband!

While Marie is off on her glorious Fijian honeymoon, it’s officially back to reality for me today.

Because I’m sure the bride will want to be the one to tell you all about the wedding on her return, I will do my best to post some relatively exciting stuff until then. Starting tomorrow that is. It’s just past lunchtime and my brain is already screaming out for a holiday nap.


5 thoughts on “marie is married.

  1. To Frannie great job (know you loved it) in your support of Marie all these weeks!!! Congratulations Marie!!! Are you a bit sad now that it’s all done and dusted well don’t be…remember there is so much to look forward to now that your marriage allows you a sublime freedom and confirmation of how loved you are. Just enjoy! xx

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