halloween is coming and why I’ll never get sick of dressing up.

As you’re reading this I am probably reclining in a hammock by the water, sipping a cocktail and trying to decide whether I want to snorkel or kayak this afternoon. Cruel, I know. Wedding updates probably won’t come for another week or so, but in the meantime let’s get excited about Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday of the year and has been ever since living in Ireland as a wee lass (where Halloween originated, for all you fools who say it’s an American holiday). I remember attending bonfire night, throwing firecrackers, playing pranks and eating lots and lots of sweets. And of course, dressing up!

There is something so fun about spending the evening in costume and Halloween is one of those rare times when a grown adult can do so without being judged. It’s something I hope to continue doing for as long as I have the time and inclination to prepare for October 31. I definitely don’t want to be aligned with girls who read ‘costume party’ as ‘dress slutty party’ though, because that’s really not in the spirit of Halloween at all. I mean, if it were a horror film they would be the first to die for goodness’ sake. I like my costume to include as much gore as possible.

This year I want my costume to involve me having a missing eyeball – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. AK thinks I’m mad and it would be really uncomfortable only being able to use one eye all night, but people who dress like pirates can do it and therefore so can I.

See, isn’t that more fun than skanky Cinderella or whorish Snow White?

As a girl, it’s actually hard to find a costume that isn’t a ‘sexy’ version of something at a costume shop – that’s why I usually make my own. I love this slideshow at Huffington Post – Halloween costumes that have no business being ‘sexy’. So true.


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