homeward bound.

This evening CB and I are Brisbane bound for a welcome 10 day holiday in the lead up to the wedding of Marie and AK. I couldn’t be more excited! Between the two of us, our excitement levels have been steadily building for weeks and this has sent my brain in to a seriously sentimental and pensive mood. I grew up in Sydney, lived most of my life in Brisbane’s Bayside and am now based in Melbourne. So, is ‘home’ the place I was born, the place I settled in or my current place of residency?

I was a pretty big fan of My Little Pony growing up, but for some reason the only thing I really remember from the hours I spent glued to the television watching it, is the following tune that gets stuck in my head often… “Home is where the heart is, it’s where you hang your hat. Without a home, you’re nowhere and nowhere’s no place to be at”.

I was also a massive fan of Homeward Bound and am left to wonder where my Shadow senses would lead me if I was stranded in an unfamiliar place and determined to find my way back home? Yes, I did just compare myself to Shadow. To be honest, in that situation I know I wouldn’t have Shadow’s composure and majesty. I’d definitely be more like scruffball Chance, but that’s beside the point.

I guess, amongst all of my jumbled thoughts, the Moochick (despite how weird he is; a fact that has only just become apparent to me in my 20s) really had it right – home is where the heart is. Based on this conclusion, Sydney and Brisbane will always be home. Sydney gave me my blissful childhood and I am proud to call myself a New South Welshman and Brisbane is where I really grew up and where my family lives so it holds a very special space in my heart too. Then there’s Melbourne… I’ve only been here a couple of months but it’s where CB lives and he certainly has my heart’s attention. So right now, Melbourne is home as well.

Wow… three homes. I guess if the Homeward Bound hypothetical ever was to happen I’d have a pretty tough time navigating my way through that situation!


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