the moments i wish that my life was a musical.

I’m a drama queen, Disney lover and wannabe rock star. Ever since I saw My Best Friend’s Wedding with the ‘I Say A Little Prayer For You’ scene, I’ve longed for a friend like George to bust out into song over lunch and make me feel like I’m living in a musical.

Something I thoroughly enjoy in Shakespeare’s plays are his soliloquies. Even when others are on stage and within earshot, a character can step aside and share their inner thoughts with the audience. Musicals have the same advantage. I admit, the constant singing would probably become tiresome after a while but there are a few moments in life I feel could be enhanced or saved by a chorus line, some synchronised dance moves, an orchestra and an amazing musical number.

These moments include…

1. That time I felt out of place.

Even the characters who are ‘different’ and feel out of place because of this get their moment in the spotlight in a musical. There’s at least one moment every day where being shy and awkward gets the better of me and I feel like if I could break all that down in a wicked song (see what I did there?) then I’d feel better. Potentially though, this could backfire and I might be left feeling even more awkward when everyone is staring at me at the end of my starring moment.

2. That time Mum & Dad wouldn’t get us a puppy.

Think Mary Poppins and the scene where children Jane and Michael Banks have a very specific request to pass on to their parents about what their next nanny should be like. If every time I didn’t get exactly what I wanted growing up, I wrote a cute little song, lined the three Sutho kids up and sang my wishes to my parents I’m sure they would’ve caved.

3. That time I had a crush.

There is no better feeling than the butterflies you get when you first start ‘crushing’ on someone. The song, ‘Maria’ in West Side Story makes me think that the only thing better than the blissful state you’re left in following a first kiss would be to be able to sing and dance about it afterwards. While you’re singing and dancing, you can linger in that perfect moment while gushing about how madly in love you’re falling. It’s never over-sentimental and gross when it’s sung. I mean, if your mate Tony went on a date with some girl and text this to you afterwards, you’d gag at how sickly sweet he was being…

I just met a girl named Maria.
And suddenly that name,
Will never be the same… To me.
I just kissed a girl named Maria.
And suddenly I found,
How wonderful a sound… Can be”
But if he sung it? You’d want to date him too!

4. That time I couldn’t decide.

When characters in musicals have life altering decisions to make, instead of mulling it over for days on end, they sing a three minute song, dance it out and have their answer! Take Little Shop of Horrors for example (okay, terrible example for this but it does prove my point), Seymour has to decide whether to feed his cute, talking plant actual human blood; the consequences of which he is unsure and nervous about. One song later and he knows exactly what to do.

Whether it’s a song in a musical or an instrumental, music has this magical way of translating our emotions into something real and beautiful. Maybe we don’t all think the world is a stage, but I believe everyone can use a bit of music in their life.


4 thoughts on “the moments i wish that my life was a musical.

  1. Oh dear friend you know that a song always helps me. I like to sing about ridiculous things like shopping at a duty free shop Bahaha. Anytime you want a musical moment you know you can always ask me I am up for a sing song anywhere and anytime.

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