happy little hens – being a bridesmaid.

Come 5pm this Friday, I will be one very excited little chickadee. I will wheel my suitcase from the office to Southern Cross Station and catch a bus to the airport, where a plane will take me home to Brisbane, home to my beautiful friend Marie for her hens party! 

Marie has already given you a bit of a rundown of the chain of events we have lined up for her this weekend, including a ’50s housewife’ themed High Tea and ‘little black dress’ themed evening celebrations. Plus, I’m sure we’ll give you a sneak peek pictorial of what we got up to in a post next week. Today, I want to share my thoughts on being asked to be a bridesmaid – one of the most important roles I have ever accepted and something I’ve only just now had time to reflect on with most of the organisation for the hens night completed.

I take this bridesmaids business very seriously and have been extremely honoured to be asked to stand beside two of my best friends in 2012 at their weddings. After nearly a decade of being together, my big sister married her high school sweetheart in March this year and I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful brother-in-law. Then, after thinking I couldn’t possibly be more excited for the pending nuptials of Marie and AK, one typically beautiful Brisbane day, I was presented with the sweetest envelope and handkerchief inside, asking me to be a bridesmaid again.

I’m pretty lucky that you won’t be seeing Marie or my sister on any episodes of Bridezillas, so planning with them has only ever been fun and exciting! I love them both very much so my number one goal was/is to make sure they are happy. There isn’t a job description or any rules that come with being a bridesmaid, so I set myself one task – If the bride is happy, feels like the centre of attention (to as much of a degree as she can handle) and is as relaxed as possible, then my job is done.

My sister is a completely different type of girl to me and her and her partner decided very early in the piece that their wedding would be a relaxed, destination ceremony on Hamilton Island. A handful of close family and friends would stay on the island for a few nights and the wedding day ultimately turned into a pool party. When the newlyweds went for a stroll along the edge of the pool, this bridesmaid found it pretty hard to watch. What about her dress? And the hair I spent hours styling at 5am that morning? I wasn’t surprised when this happened…

And as much as my instincts told me to, I didn’t freak out either. Look at her smile! Maybe I won’t end up in the pool on my wedding day (and by that I mean, no way on earth will I end up in the pool on my wedding day!) but obviously my sister was having the time of her life and that is what it is all about. I also had reservations about the choice in hairstyle my sister picked for me and the fact that she purposely wouldn’t let me wear a necklace just because she thought it was funny how worried I was about how ‘naked’ I would look in photos without one… but as long as she was happy, I was happy.

Some other things I took away from my first crack at being a bridesmaid include:

1. Try not to be such a giant sook that the celebrant needs to lean over and pass you a tissue mid-vows. Especially if the bride is ridiculously happy. I can’t promise this won’t happen again, but I’ll try my best…

& 2. If you have been drinking mimosas since 5am, be wary of your position in relation to the camera. Or you could ruin some seriously cute photo ops. I ruined two that I’m aware of. I can promise this won’t happen again.

As a bridesmaid or groomsman you have the best seat in the house to some of the greatest, true love stories. Look after your dear friends on their special day, as well as in the lead up. Planning an event as big as a wedding can sometimes be stressful, so offer to help in that organisation where you can. The fabulous memories you and your friends will share during this time are one of a kind and priceless. Bring on September!


13 thoughts on “happy little hens – being a bridesmaid.

  1. I am blinking back a few happy tears…can’t wait to hide behind the nearest tree come that September day to catch a glimpse of Marie’s wonderful procession…remember Marie said I could! …I think I am a very proud mother ‘hen’ of the wonderful bridesmaid x

  2. hahah, those last two photos of you are the best. And i think ending up in a pool on your wedding day is a pretty sweet way to end it.

    • I don’t think my brother-in-law’s family would think the same… it was their photos I ruined haha!! Yeah it was definitely a fun reception! And everything she had hoped it would be, so that’s what matters most.

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