what should a bride wear on her head?

We’re officially into the one month countdown to the wedding and aside from the obvious excitement, nerves and obsessive list-making that’s taken over, I’m having some trouble. Namely, in the head wear department. The problem isn’t finding something I would like to wear on my head, it’s choosing which beautiful adornment and style I should stick to. Those of you who know me have an understanding of my indecisiveness and so somehow I’ve ended up with three beautiful options.

I can’t decide between:

A) this beautiful Twigs & Honey bridal cap.

B) This simple but elegant vintage comb

or C) a fresh floral wreath – whimsy, ethereal and oh-so-pretty







I’m planning to wear my hair out and a little wavy so the comb would be tucked into the side, pulling some hair back. Help me out guys!


12 thoughts on “what should a bride wear on her head?

  1. I love your hair and the vintage clasp shows it off perfectly. Altogether very elegant, it shows off your beautiful hair and face perfectly.

  2. I’m trying to make this exact decision, Kay! They’re all so gorgeous, but even as someone who loves a floral crown, I also have to vote (b). You’ll look lovely either way. x

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