i think i’m living in gotham city.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I saw Batman: The Dark Knight Rises last Sunday (ps. it’s amazing, go and see it!) or the fact that I wish upon a star every night that I could visit the world of DC… but after a month of residing in Melbourne, it has come to my attention that my new home could be the real Gotham City. There’s even a ‘Batman Avenue’ here! And yes, I do squeal every time we turn on to it.

From the interpretations of the insanely talented Tim Burton (whose exhibition in Melbourne I saw the actual Batmobile at a couple of years ago) to Christopher Nolan’s action packed, dark city skylines, Gotham is depicted as an established city of neo-gothic structures and gargoyles set against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers. I wouldn’t call myself a Batman aficionado, but in the tales that I have come to know and love, Gotham is a hotbed for crime under the protection of Batman or millionaire ‘playboy’ Bruce Wayne who calls this city home.

Similarly, Melbourne is known for its amazing new-meets-old architecture more often than not set to the curtain of a gloomy, overcast sky and is infamous since the 2008 popular television series Underbelly – a show recounting true events of gangland war here. Check out some of these photos and see if you don’t agree that this town could have come straight from the pages of a comic strip.

The building I pass on my way to work every morning that first sparked these parallels in my mind…

Great old church…

There’s even an Ice Lounge perfect for the Penguin to chill out in and accommodation called ‘Batman’s Hill on Collins’.

Since I begun to contemplate the idea of Melbourne as Gotham, I have since learned that a gentleman by the name of John Batman was one of the founders of this great Australian city, hence the Avenue and the hill. I’m certain I’m not the first to think it, but don’t you agree that this place (which in a recent survey was rated the world’s most livable city) really could fit right in to the world of DC? And just quietly, this superhero lover is stoked about it.


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