30 can’t be that bad… right?

For as long as I can remember, 30 has cast a shadow over me – always creeping closer, looming, threatening and mocking me with its finality. From about the age of 15, I had earmarked 30 as the age by which I would have accomplished all of my life goals – successful journalist, well-traveled, married with children, published a novel… you know, the usual. For some ridiculous reason I believed that if I hadn’t achieved these things by 30, they were as good as gone. As if human beings become incapable of ambition and creativity once they have lived through three decades.

While I’m busy working away at ticking some of those boxes, a sense of calm has come over me as I’ve realized that 30 is not the end of the world. You can continue learning, trying new things, succeeding, failing and trying for as long as you wish. You can even go back to work and continue having a wonderful career after having children if you like (gasp). Oh and you definitely don’t have to have children when the thought of doing so still scares the crap out of you. Pretty asinine revelations for most, but completely reassuring for someone as highly strung and neurotic as myself.

As a lover of list making, it’s hard to avoid the constant pressure of the single most significant list – that of ‘life goals’. But as I fast approach that seemingly noxious age (I can hear AK and my family laughing at the melodrama, only just having turned 24 and all), it becomes more apparent that the ‘life goals’ list is a fluid one. Definitely not set in stone. Items on the list get scribbled out, new items are added and things that were way down the bottom before make their way to the very top.

Sometimes I have to stand back and remind myself that I am still young and I guess that’s what this post is about. Forgetting the pressure of lists and expectations and certain ages. Plus I’m about to marry my dream man in 45 days, so that’s a big fat tick next to one of my life goals I’m no longer keeping lists.


2 thoughts on “30 can’t be that bad… right?

  1. I dreaded 30 – I too felt that it was a cut off point where all my goals should have been accomplished, all hills climbed and it should’ve been plain sailing from there on. I was very dsitressed in the run up that I didn’t own my own home, I didn’t have the flash car, I definitely didn’t have the wedding ring. It became a focus on what I hadn’t done, not what I had done. As it turns out though my 30th birthday was one of the best. Made fantastic by my friends acutally, who spoiled me to death and made me feel truly loved. I got a ring with diamonds (definitely not THE diamond ring, but hey, diamonds are diamonds!) from my other half. But it was also a wake up. I quit my job (because I hated it), I worked on my photography a lot and since then I’ve done the whole photography and design for an album (something I dreamed of since a teenager) and I realised that you have to make life happen, and not let life pass you by. Time is like money, you can spend it or you can invest it wisely. I’m 32 now and in no rush to let the days pass by trying to covet things like houses and cars.

    • I don’t know what it is about that number – I guess when you’re a teenager it’s an age earmarked as officially being ‘old’. But you’re totally right – it should be a time to reflect and be proud of everything you have done, not focus on things that haven’t been achieved.

      I love hearing stories of brave, inspirational people who make the leap to do what they love. Thank you for sharing!

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