high brow stuff.

It’s pretty obvious that we’re fans of the stunning Audrey Hepburn and if you, like us, adore her look then it’s a safe bet that you understand the importance of good eyebrows.

I myself think that the eyebrow is one of the most important features on a face. They’re so expressive that we don’t even realise all of the subtle feelings they give away. Plus, most of us will remember that kid at school who went to bed early at a sleepover and had their eyebrows shaved off proving that humans look completely weird without them.

Moving to Melbourne meant that I also moved away from the lovely S who has looked after my eyebrows and beauty needs for over a year now. She became a friend and I trusted her with my most unashamed, important asset, my eyebrows. For a second I considered flying interstate every month just to visit her but then I thought it might be a tad expensive… some might even say excessive. So instead, I jumped on the world wide web to try to find somewhere local in Melbourne that could be my new regular.

Having driven by The Brow Bar in Paddington (QLD) many times thinking how a haven dedicated to the grooming of brows was my kind of place, I was immediately drawn to the site when it popped up on google. I made my appointment well in advance and had my first visit to their South Yarra store recently. The cute little boutique was very impressive as was the service. I had a Brow Lift (wax, shape, tint and consult) and they really take the time there to consider your face shape, colouring and even set a long-term plan to get your eyebrows exactly how you’d like them. I need to grow a few hairs in places, just to fill them out a bit, so it will take a couple of visits before I’m completely happy with the result, but you can see how they looked when I left below. This photo was taken before showering to get any excess brow dye off, although some prefer the heavy look exactly as they are shown.

My preference for brows are full and natural ones that are maintained but not over-plucked, ala Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. I’ve heard that the softer and more natural the brow is, the more youthful you look. If you need proof that a good brow makes all the difference, two females I think rock the full brow look Elizabeth Taylor style – Camilla Belle and Lily Collins.



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