making the effort.

It’s my lovely fiance’s birthday on Saturday and I’m a bit excited. I absolutely love birthdays, like I love Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, baby showers, engagements, weddings, promotions, travel plans and life-changing events. I adore sharing these moments with the people in my life and I absolutely, whole-heartedly agree with making a huge fuss. I don’t buy into the idea that these things get less important as we get older and I definitely don’t plan to stop making a big deal about them. I’m the person that has already starting planning Christmas festivities and my first annual Oscars’ party (March-ish 2013).

For AK’s special day this year we’ve already picked up his present care of an Ebay seller on the Gold Coast (hooray for finally having a record player in our house) and I’ve got the day planned to a tee. We’re starting off with a breakfast buffet at the Stamford Plaza, followed by collecting his top-secret and amazing birthday cake and then about 20 or so of his closest friends are joining us for afternoon drinks at a lovely bar in Southbank. Hopefully that will lead to a smaller group coming back to our house to sing and cut said-amazing cake.

I’m not bragging or trying to prove that I’m an amazing partner (that goes without saying of course) – I’m just trying to convey how important I believe it is to continue making the effort for the people you care about. It’s easy to slip into the habit of thinking ‘mum said she didn’t want a present for Mother’s Day’ or ‘I’m really busy with work, but I’ll send them a congratulations text later’, but that doesn’t really cut it in my books. That’s not to say that I expect people to lavish gifts and flowers on me every time I pass some kind of milestone (I actually prefer to be the person giving the celebrations, not receiving them), I just think life is crazy and short and unexpected and we should show the people we care about how we feel when we can.

Call me lame, mushy, overly sentimental or all of the above, that’s just what I think. Buy your mum flowers, bring cupcakes to work or leave a love letter for your partner to find.


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