being impulsive is pretty fun.

After about 18 months of growing my hair, the last 12 specifically because of our upcoming wedding, I got it all chopped off this week. I now officially have the same hair cut I did when I was four and I really love it. I guess some people were a tad surprised that I had so ‘impulsively’ cut off what I had essentially spent more than a year harvesting. This it made me think about how ‘being impulsive’ has pretty negative connotations, when I actually think it’s a pretty fun trait to have.

I’ve done lots of impulsive things in my life, some that turned out great – like traveling overseas with that boy I had only known for three weeks and reconnecting with old friends like Frannie. Others led to some pretty tough times, like living in Mundubbera for the best part of a year as well as all that disgusting binge drinking from ages 15 to 18. But I learnt from every one of those impulsive moves and have some great stories to tell.

So if you’re feeling like being brash, why not book a holiday to a country where you don’t speak the language, pack your car and start driving with no destination in mind or sign up for a night class that you’ve always wanted to try. It might not turn out how you had planned, but it’s those times that fill your life with much-needed color and fun. I watched Wanderlust last night and then spent the night dreaming of living in a commune (minus the free love) for six months. We all need more adventures.


5 thoughts on “being impulsive is pretty fun.

    • This is amazing! You only live once, seize the day, keep your eye on the prize, shoot for the moon and other such cliches. Seriously though, I’m equal parts jealous and happy for you.

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