our visit to ikea.

I haven’t come to Melbourne pinning my hopes on t-shirt-weather-in-July type days, but I was lucky that the first 48 hours saw blue skies and patches of warm sunshine. After a late-ish, lovely breakfast at Bluebird (try the baked eggs!!!) and despite wanting to spend the day at some gorgeous park basking in the sunlight, CB and I instead headed for the shops. We had a small list to tick off of items I thought I would be unable to live without, even for a small amount of time, including iron & ironing board. In hindsight, Ikea at midday on a Sunday is not the most relaxed way to spend an afternoon.

There’s a fair few ‘rules’ or sound pieces of advice that we offer each other when we’re in relatively new relationships or when we first move in with a partner. Cosmopolitan magazine is full of gems of wisdom for such situations and recently printed an article advising readers to go on a drive through heavy traffic-flow areas to see how your partner handles stressful situations. Trust me Cosmo, the place you want to be to test how you’ll deal with stress as a couple, is this Swedish megastore on a Sunday! Adding to the test was our post-Ikea grocery shop, a hard task to make fun, as well as having to deal with a broken down car on the rooftop car park at Woolworths.

I do believe you’re on to something here Cosmo – if someone has any strange little nuances you weren’t aware of before, stressful situations will certainly bring the ‘crazy’ to light. I’m pleased to share that if CB and I were sitting a school exam on the subject ‘how do you as a couple deal when under pressure?’ we would have aced it! Insert my smug little face and picture CB and I high-fiving each other, cheesy 80s movie style.

At the end of the day, even after enduring some pretty frustrating moments throughout, the fact of the matter is that crappy stuff happens! It’s finding someone you can laugh in the face of stress with that puts everything into perspective and helps you realise that life is actually pretty good…

Although the real moral of the story here is:

  • Don’t go to Ikea at midday on a Sunday unless you enjoy crowds of ‘Sunday walkers’ who may or may not accidentally slap you in the face with their oversized flat pack bookcase or new ironing board.


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