hair and makeup trials are fun.

Frannie and I have made no attempts to disguise the fact that we are complete and utter girls. None of that annoying ‘oh but I just get along with boys so much better’ or ‘I’d rather watch another gangster film than a rom-com any day’. Nope, it’s right out there – we’re nail painting, dress wearing, high heel coveting, Kate Hudson film watching, cupcake loving girls. So spending an afternoon trialling hair and makeup for the wedding was not a chore. And with mastermind of all things beauty Vivianne Tran at the helm, we were more than happy with the results.

Frannie went with a 40s style waved updo, that was crazy in production but absolutely stunning when it was finished. We won’t give away anything about her dress for the day, but the hair will suit it perfectly. It reminded me of Peppy in The Artist, so glamorous and beautiful.

Upstyles with such a blunt fringe can be a tad tricky, but Vivianne did a wonderful job creating a soft, pretty bun to go with my sparkly comb.

For my makeup I wanted a dewy complexion with soft, pink tones to hopefully complement my serious paleness. And of course some killer falsies to give the illusion that I actually have eyelashes. If only.

These photos aren’t the best, but I was really happy with the end result for both of us. But when I took my upstyle out I did look a tiny bit like I was channeling The Nanny.


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