the second prettiest dress I own.

I adore dressing up and don’t intend to give it up any time soon. From a very young age I had a passion for pretty dresses and my parents often retell the story of a young girl furiously going through her wardrobe, trying to find that perfect dress to wear on a trip to the dump with her dad. They may tell that story as a gentle ribbing, but I am not even the slightest bit embarrassed when they do. A beautiful frock is a woman’s prerogative and I hate to use such a ghastly clichĂ©, but they just don’t make them like they used to.

So when I stumbled across this beautiful lilac creation at Paddington Antique Centre I was quick to find an excuse to justify the $250 price tag. An impending wedding made that task fairly simple – ‘bridal shower or hens night’, I exclaimed and handed over my already strained credit card to make the wonderfully impulsive purchase.

I felt I was doing this masterpiece of 50s design a slight injustice hanging it in my wardrobe amongst what, if we’re completely honest, is mainly $2 op shop frocks and the odd Christmas sweater. But it is in good company now, with my darling dress for the big day to spend its days beside. I imagine they are bemoaning my lack of designer wear and planning a wonderfully chic dinner party as we speak.

So I salute this glorious garment and look forward to the day I can bring it on a worthwhile excursion outside our humble abode.


One thought on “the second prettiest dress I own.

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