my a-list dinner party.

Whether it’s in general conversation, a game of 20 questions or posed as a curly interview query (yep, they ask this now along with things like what would your friends say about you behind your back. My answer was, ‘hopefully nice things’. Very creative.) I feel like the majority of us will at some point in our lives be asked, if you could have anyone over for dinner, deceased or alive, who would you invite? Or if not posed in this exact manner, at least enter into a conversation about the famous people they’d like to meet.

So as not to take this question too seriously as if it were a job interview and invite people who would explode my brain with their passionate conversation about current affairs or historical turning points, my invite list was inspired by my fascination with Hollywood. Although, looking at the list I think my brain still might be overloaded with stimulating conversation from this bunch. You’re all invited to my a-list dinner party as well, amazing desserts promised, so prepare your Sunday best and get ready to meet my guests of honour…

First to arrive – Audrey Hepburn

Intelligent, successful, kind, stunning and ‘believes in pink’. A true classy lady, I assume she would be the first to arrive right on time and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be in awe of this guest. I would want her there to ask her about her humanitarian and acting work and also to seek advice on balancing all of her passion projects with being a good mother. Her sons Sean and Luca who started the Audrey Hepburn Hollywood for Children Fund, are often quoted remembering their mother ‘an elegant spirit’ and their best friend.

Second to arrive – Tim Burton

Maybe 10 or 15 minutes late (hopefully with his amazing wife Helena Bonham Carter as his date… and close friend Johnny Depp too if he felt that way inclined) my next guest, the insanely talented director, producer, writer and artist, Tim Burton arrives. If there was any one on this planet whose brain I would pick it would be his. I don’t know where I would start but I would want to try to gain an insight into the brilliant mind that dreams up his wonderfully weird gothic & romantic ideas.

Third on my RSVP list – John F Kennedy

Escorted in by his security team and looking ever so handsome flashing his megawatt smile would be John F. Kennedy, the 35th US President (1961 – 1963). A political figure I guess more so than Hollywood icon, the social image of the Kennedy’s means he wouldn’t feel out of place at my party. So much to ask this man. Although as my friends will inform you I am not really one to tackle the big issues so my questions would probably revolve around what Marilyn Monroe was really like? And in the very next enquiry I’d want to know everything about the beautiful Jackie O. I’d also want him to bring along his files marked top secret… more specifically, anything to do with the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Fourth to arrive – Angelina Jolie

Love her or hate her (and I’m definitely Team Jolie) this beyond gorgeous woman sure has led an interesting life. From her troubled youth and early adulthood, to her complicated relationship with her famous father and her loving relationship with her mother and brother, to her much talked about marriage to Billy Bob Thornton and that vile of blood to her work with the United Nations and her partnership with Brad Pitt (is he a good kisser?) and her gorgeous little family, to the tabloids and her interactions with the Aniston camp, no conversation would be off-limits at this dinner table.

If I invited everyone I truly would want there you may as well theme my dinner party Hollywood throughout history. So I narrowed it down a bit. Please feel free to let me know any tinseltown personality you might like added to the list – the more the merrier! Hope to see you all there.


3 thoughts on “my a-list dinner party.

    • They’d definitely be on the list! For sure! But (and I know I take hypotheticals wayyyy too seriously) I feel like I could learn more from these guests rather than me just sitting and staring at the beauty of Elvis and Marilyn.

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