my favourite local breakfast spots.

Breakfast is my favourite meal to eat out. It’s such a laid back, social date to make with your partner, friends or family. I don’t always want to lock myself in for dinner dates during the week because life can get a tad hectic, but should you suggest a leisurely Sunday morning brunch and I’m there, especially now since I’ve discovered the glory of coffee. Maybe it’s just me being fussy, or perhaps it’s our side of town, but that perfect breakfast haunt has been quite elusive. I’m not being unreasonable, all I want is a cosy location, great coffee, a simple menu filled with fresh ingredients (preferably including a decent omelette and something with fresh fruit) and not too much of a crowd… ok I guess that list does sound a bit extensive, but totally reasonable me thinks. We are not short of breakfast places on this here south-east side of Brisbane and depending on my mood and what I feel like, I can usually find it within about 5km from home. I’m not numbering this list (gasp) because they all offer different things to suit differing tastes.

*Stomp Espresso – I’ve already shared the fact that this little Holland Park gem has the best coffees in town. Check it out. Not the best for dining in or really substantial meals, but a great place to stop on your way out of town for a snack and a latte. Yum. Hummus on toast is a fave of mine.

*Fig Tree Deli – This lovely little Camp Hill cafe is just around the corner from us and we frequent it on a very regular basis. (AK visits on a near-daily basis, so much so that I think they might name something on the menu after him one day) They have pretty decent coffee, a wonderfully fresh fruit salad and a fairly safe menu that is likely to have something to please everyone. Highlights include avocado on toast, eggs benedict and the fruit salad with greek yoghurt. The setting is not amazing, being in a car park of a shopping complex, but the outdoor dining area is in a little glass room and very pleasant to be in.

*Cream Patisserie – Located on Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo, this little French delight is full of decadent treats and scrumptious surprises. The flavours are very rich (as is typical with French food) so don’t go here if you are looking for something plain or light. That being said, when I am in the mood for decadence this is my favourite place to come. On a recent outing with my bridesmaids, we started the day here with the ricotta buttermilk pancakes, served with chocolate chip butter and blueberry compote. My word, they were something completely out of this world. That’s a photo of them above. Other highlights include the grilled mushrooms on sourdough and the smoked ham and mushroom omelette. I tend to judge a place based on how well they can make an omelette and Cream knocks it out of the ballpark.

*The Crosstown Eating House – it’s a little bit more a drive to get to this Woolloongabba food hole, but if we’re on an antique-hunting mission or don’t have anything urgent planned, then we make the effort to go here because the food is superb. Top notch coffee,  fresh juices, some more adventurous menu items including a breakfast fish taco and pad kra pao and a spot-on muesli and yoghurt combo. Mmmm.

*Sassafras – this little wonder is even further away – in Paddington, and is usually packed, but if you manage to score yourself a table you will soon realise why. Let me just say chilli corn cakes with hummus, organic sourdough fruit & nut toast and ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter & maple syrup. Yep. Add to that fresh juices, great coffees and tea from T2 and the fact they serve breakfast until 2pm and you can see why I love this place.

I’m a creature of habit so usually rotate visits to these lovely cafes, but if you have any suggestions please let me know. I’m always keen to hear local recommendations.


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