paint the town (and your nose) red.

Today is Friday, June 29 2012. Today is also the 25th anniversary of Australian  Red Nose Day.

Staple additions to our outfits often include a statement red lip or manicured, red nails – so today, why not don the cutest red accessory there is? A red nose in support of this wonderful cause.

Red Nose Day is the main fundraiser for the Sids and Kids organisation. It’s also the day that taught me about the important work organisations such as Sids and Kids carry out, in raising awareness of lesser known issues or health concerns amongst the community. I remember as a young girl getting excited for that time of year when everyone would put a large, plastic red nose on their cars. I had no idea why they were doing it, but I certainly enjoyed it. I eventually asked Mum what the go with the red noses was and that is when I learned about this important fundraiser. The funds received through donations and Red Nose product purchases goes towards the bereavement counselling Sids and Kids provide to families who suffer the devastating loss of an infant as well as education services to reduce the instances of this tragedy occurring and research into the prevention of (sids) sudden infant death syndrome.

The choice to symbolise the day with a red nose was a decision to “be silly for a serious cause”. To many, a red nose symbolises clowns and Rudolph the reindeer, both figures generally linked with making children happy. Also conducted as a fundraiser  internationally on different dates throughout the year, there are a bevy of celebs who get involved and “do something funny for money” including David Walliams, Gordon Ramsay, Ricky Gervais, Kate Moss, Jamie Oliver, The Wiggles, Sophie Faulkner (above) and Katy Perry to name only a few.

Sids is preventable, yet it sadly still affects so many. There’s a stack of cute little badges or stuffed toys you can purchase to support this cause or you can donate online as well. If you want to give someone a little giggle all in the name of this great cause, then be sure you don’t leave the house without popping on your very own huge, round and red honker!


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