They say behind every good man is a good woman, but I think the truth of the matter is that behind every good woman is a strong sisterhood.  Literature had the Bronte sisters, the Knowles, Simpsons and the Minogues made their mark in music and the Arquettes, Olsens and Fannings are all A-list actresses. The strongest female role models in my life, including my mother, extended family members and some of my closest friends are part of a group of female siblings and I believe those relationships shaped them into the confident, compassionate and truly remarkable people they are today.

I grew up with two fantastic brothers but always felt there was a missing piece because I was without a sister.  That’s not to say someone without a sister grows up any weaker of character, just simply that the bond between sisters is a unique one. I knew all there was to know about comics, rugby league and lizards, but was perhaps a little lacking when it came to having an inbuilt friend to share secrets and girlish games with. Since then, I’ve surrounded myself with strong sister relationships and think they add another layer to my life – a glimpse into the space occupied by these wondrous women somewhere between friendship and family.

Sisters teach you how to have relationships with other females. Whether they are tearing each other’s hair out or happily playing house, the sisters I know have always been well schooled in the art of female interaction. They know just what to say and when to say it and seem very intuitive when it comes to supporting those around them. I, on the other hand, have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth because of my lack of subtlety – something that has definitely improved since adopting many of these sisters as my own.

Sisters keep each other grounded. I dare you to try and grow up thinking you are the bees’ knees in a household filled with other women. The sisters I know are wonderful for keeping an overinflated ego in check, but at the same time are each other’s strongest supporters. An outsider would just have to say a wrong word about one of them to insure the wrath of a thousand titans would come down on them. And that’s why these ladies in my life are neither vain nor insecure.

Sisters are able to share clothes, make up, bags and advice. My pangs of jealousy for those with sisters are never more obviously felt than when I see or hear of a quick visit to the bedroom next door to borrow a dress for a night out, to pinch a lashing of mascara or to seek advice about love, life, work or play. It’s like they have access to a second wardrobe and make up bag, as well as having a girlfriend on hand to dish out no-nonsense advice when it is most needed. I have sought all these things from the sisters around me, but somehow it feels not-quite-right. Or at least these things are not as freely sought as they would be from my mother – my one and only and extremely priceless female family member.

So a big thank-you to all the sisters that have been part of my life. Are you part of a strong sisterhood or does your life include any sisters that inspire you?


3 thoughts on “sisters.

  1. One of my friends has four sisters and they are all the same size and have amazing style. I’m trying to marry in to that family for obvious reasons.

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