five movie props i wish i could purchase at my local shopping centre.

I remember the night my Dad brought home Jumanji on VHS and the three Sutho kids sat around the TV to watch this fantastic movie, completely entranced by the colour and excitement of it all. I also remember looking at my brother and sister and thinking how much fun it would be to own and play that board game together. In hindsight, it’s definitely a good thing that board game wasn’t stocked at the local toy store. I don’t think I would have survived monsoons, stampedes, giant spiders and being turned into a monkey. With all that the imagination has to offer, I often find myself daydreaming about the amazing creations some Hollywood genius has brought to life on the big screen and about what an excellent addition to my life owning such an item would be. Then when reading about maries adventures to Hogwarts and wishing she really could bring home to Oz a wand and flying broomstick, well it got me thinking about the five movie props I would want to possess if it were possible to head to the local shops and pop it on the credit card.

First stop: Electrical appliances store to purchase ‘that microwave’ from Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element.

I have seen this movie a ridiculous number of times. So many times in fact that I could act the entire thing out for you… my Ruby Rhod impersonation is pretty good even if I do say so myself. Every time I watch it there are two futuristic devices I wish really existed. One is the machine Leeloo holds to her face that applies her make up perfectly in a split second. The other is ‘that microwave’. I didn’t want to be greedy so I decided I’d have to choose just one to acquire and my love of food won out over my vanity. Leeloo puts a seemingly empty plate into the microwave and seconds later produces a delicious looking roast chicken. If cooking something so impressive was that easy, entertaining guests would be much less stressful. Not to mention the amazing meals I could plate up for myself without any preparation or wait time.

Second stop: Bag shop to purchase ‘Mary’s handbag’ from Mary Poppins.

You know those girls that pack three giant bags full of unnecessary, just-in-case items for an overnight stay and then make their boyfriends lug them around while still whinging about all the things they forgot? Yeah, I’m that girl. While I may have just exaggerated slightly this did in fact happen to me yesterday when I realised even though my massive suitcase for two nights in Melbourne is chock full, I still forgot vital stuff! If I owned Mary’s bag, I could fit my entire life in there and would never have to worry about forgetting things and thus CB would never have to listen to me whinge again!

Third stop: Furniture store to purchase ‘the wardrobe’ from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

An absolute classic, this story in both book and movie form is wondrous. My dreams have been filled with trips to Narnia and the thought that I could actually visit anytime I liked if this wardrobe was in my bedroom makes me very happy. Not to mention the fact that it’s a gorgeous looking piece of furniture that’s also spacious enough to fit a decent amount of clothes in there. Win win.

Fourth stop: Rug shop to purchase one ‘magic carpet’ as in Aladdin.

I know what you’re thinking, why doesn’t she just get the magic lamp and ask the genie to give her a magic carpet and then have two wishes left? To be honest, I’m trying not to be too greedy again. If I’m already picking up these other four items, the credit card balance is going to be pretty stretched as it is and I figure the carpet will be at least a third the price of a magic lamp? Or perhaps I’m just being too realistic in a completely surreal situation. Anyway, I’d want the magic carpet because I have always wanted to be able to fly and imagine how romantic it’d be floating around on that thing?

Fifth stop: Local car dealership to purchase ‘the DeLorean’ from Back to the Future.

I’ve definitely mentioned this in a post before and in fact, other than pink cars, this would probably be the only vehicle that would ever really excite me. It’s kitschy and cute, lights up and best of all is a time machine. Not only could I get from A to B with this baby, I could also get from BC to AD. Very cool stuff.


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