montville and maleny.

If you’re in Brisbane and after an idea for a fun family day trip or a romantic escape then I strongly suggest you head for the hills of the Sunshine Coast hinterland to Montville and Maleny. With a cosy country feel and fresh air to fill your lungs, it is worth the winding drive to stroll down the main streets of each of these towns uncovering their best kept secrets and taking in the amazing views. I recently spent the June long weekend here with my partner and it was the perfect getaway. Approximately an hour and a half drive north of Brisbane, the hinterland is humming all year round, although I feel like it would be best enjoyed snuggled up beside the fireplace in winter or out and about amongst the fresh foliage in spring.

I judge three elements when deciding whether or not I’ve had a good holiday. If there was delicious food, comfortable accommodation and fun adventures to be had then generally I’m a very happy customer. These fun times should be shared with the obvious prerequisite of good company and on this particular weekend mine was the best.

For food lovers…

If you feel up for a wander with pit stops to try a few tasty morsels along the way, then you’ll love the cute little cafes and cosy pubs of the Montville/Maleny area. CB and I indulged in lots of good food and coffee as well as following recommendations of friends and family to try the amazing scones with jam and cream at Secrets on the Lake and to pick up some treats at Fudgyboombahs. At Fudgys, as well as stocking up on variations of Reese’s, we bought a large take home pack of fudge that fit half a kilo of different flavours in it including jaffa and redskin that tasted true to their name. Yum. We also picked chocolate macadamia, macadamia nougat, black forest and Montville forest which were all lovely. I wouldn’t recommend the coffee walnut flavour so much although it was by no means horrible and while CB would swear by it I’m sure, I was not a fan of the flavour called ‘Queenslander’. That could have something to do with (definitely has everything to do with) our State of Origin rivalry though. Chocolate peanut butter is obviously always a winner but by far the fudge that took the cake was white chocolate! It tasted so good that we actually went back for seconds the following day.

Wow, seeing that written down makes me feel kind of embarrassed at the large amounts of junk food I recently consumed. Then I remember how good it tasted and I don’t feel so bad anymore.

Next visit, I’d like to sit down to a meal at the beautiful Poets Cafe as well as try some Maleny cheese at the factory they have there. 

For hiding away…

CB and I stayed in a modern little cabin in Maleny at accommodation called Pomodoras on Obi. The ‘Obi’ in the name may or may not have persuaded this Star Wars lover to choose said accommodation out of all others available… but I think it was a good choice. Plus there were some delightful French macaroons and a fresh fruit platter waiting for us on arrival. You can check it out for yourself below.

If possible, I would suggest snapping up a room that has a fireplace if you stay here in winter. We were lucky to have heating but there’s something so cute and cosy about a fireplace.

If you do venture out of your little home away from home to have a look around, be sure to check out the antique stores in the main strip of Montville as well as the Cuckoo Clock Shop. Some great little treasures are definitely waiting to be found here.

For those always on the move…

While I was enjoying a more relaxed weekend, I know if it wasn’t rainy and had been warmer outside I definitely would have been up for a bit of a hike. For the information of those who don’t particularly like sitting still and would be interested in this, I’ve listed a couple of tracks I intend to walk on my next trip up the coast.

The first is the Baroon Pocket nearby the Baroon Pocket Dam along Western Avenue and Narrows Road. The other is at Kondalilla National Park which you will find along Kondalilla Falls Road.

I strongly recommend the magical little towns of Montville and Maleny to anyone wanting to find the perfect day or weekend escape in South East Queensland.


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