like living in a storybook.

As you are reading this I’m on my way home to Australia. I don’t have much to say today, but I just wanted to share some photos I snapped around the little fishing village of Howth, Dublin. It truly is like a little storybook town, such beautiful scenery and darling homes. If I was going to live in Ireland, this is where I would come (if I could afford it – lots of people have realised how beautiful it is here and there are many multi-million dollar properties).

The town was colonised by Danish vikings and has been a trading village since at least the 14th century. Now it’s a weekend hot spot, with markets and beautiful restaurants throughout the waterfront precinct. There are beautiful walks around the cliffs and throughout the quiet streets.

I got a bit stalkerish taking photos of random people’s homes, but every single house we walked past was just so darn pretty. A babbling brook here, a thatched roof there.


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