vintage shopping in Dublin.



On this little jaunt overseas I have done my fair share of vintage shopping, including finding some absolute gems in London, but what I really want to share are some of the gorgeous places to find a preloved piece in Dublin. The Irish capital is not exactly known for its abundance in this area, but I assure you with a little hunting and some local tips, there are plenty of treasures to be found.

DIRTY FABULOUS – you need to make an appointment to visit this wondrous place, but it is well worth the effort. As many of you know, I have not one but two wedding dresses already, but it still took every ounce of my strength not to invest in a third. Dirty Fabulous specializes in wedding dresses and accessories as well as occasion dresses such as 50s frocks and 40s gowns. If I were a young girl looking for a formal dress or attending a well-to-do wedding in the country, this would be my first stop. Dirty Fabulous is at 21 Wicklow St, Dublin. Phone: 01 611 1842.

HARLEQUIN –  this vintage shop is well-priced, well-stocked and well-located in the centre of town. Great for cute dresses, blouses, accessories and boots. I walked away with two tops and a bag for my mum. Easy peesy. Harlequin is at 13 Castle Market, Dublin. Phone: 01 671 0202.

JENNY VANDER – if Dirty Fabulous hasn’t quenched your thirst for some up-market vintage, make a visit to Jenny Vander. Keira Knightley bought a gown here for a Pirates of the Carribean premiere. Jenny Vander is at 50 Drury St, Dublin. Phone: 01 677 0406.

BOW – this isn’t strictly a vintage store, but there are some specially selected vintage wonders to be found. Bow is a concept store started by three young designers and shows their range of clothing, jewellery and accessories plus some darling preloved pieces. I bought a gorgeous wool dress here that will fare me well at home during winter. Bow is at Powerscourt, Dublin. Phone: 01 707 1763.

WILD CHILD – you need to dig around a little more at this shop to find a prize, but when you do it’s worth your trouble. Wild Child is at 22 South Great Georges St, Dublin. Phone: 01 475 5099.


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