beauty and the beach.

I know we’re heading straight for colder months in Australia and so it’s a bit mean to bring up sunny days and trips to the beach but just talking about it warms my bones and makes me happy. I would be hard pressed to think of a negative about time spent by the seaside. Some people dislike the way that sand seems to turn up everywhere in the days following but I even love that! I feel like they’re glorious little granular reminders of a wonderful day spent at the coast.

A free and fun day in the fresh air with friends and family, being at the beach is the most relaxing day out and being a mega girl, I’ve also learnt over time about the beauty benefits of this particular outing. So please join me in thanking Mother Nature for the sun, surf and sand.

The beach has always been a magical place to me. Glitters of sunlight dance on the horizon as cool water embraces aching feet at the shoreline like old friends. I grew up at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast and have seen dolphins, penguins, whales, sunsets and sunrises and enjoyed some of the best days of my childhood there.

When I’m feeling a bit blue, nothing helps to lift my spirits more than a quick dose of Vitamin D provided by rays of sunshine. Mumma Nature’s first little gift. Because if we’re feeling happy and energetic, then there’s just a certain healthy glow that emanates on the outside. The trick here is not to overdo it by roasting in the sun for too long. Being tomato red and then having layers of skin peel away, not to mention provoking early onset of the negatives of aging (like wrinkles) is definitely not my idea of a good time.

Always remember to slip, slop, slap and chuck on some sunnies so you get to reap the benefits of sunshine without having to feel the burn later.

Now let’s dive straight into the topic of salt water. You’ve all heard about the healing powers of salt and seen the surf spray hair products that promise beach boho hair styling effects, so isn’t it fantastic that we have access to both of these things simply by going for a refreshing dip in the ocean? Nothing clears the complexion quite like splashing around in the waves.

Then there’s the stuff that used to drive my Dad crazy. Sand. In particular, three sand covered kiddies crawling into his tidy car. The huge sandpit that is the beach is a source of hours of fun. Digging holes, building sandcastles and that really cool noise it makes when you walk on it that sounds like a choir of seals (really hoping people know where I’m coming from with that last one). Now in my 20s I’ve discovered what an amazing exfoliant it is too.

I probably look a little strange when I do this, but if you massage some sand into your body, focussing on the arms and legs, before you jump in the water you will notice how amazing and soft your skin feels later. Trust me!

My complexion is always healthier, clearer and softer in the summertime, my hair wavy and sunkissed and my mood elevated tenfold. No wonder Brooke Shields and Milla Jovovich rocked the natural beach babe look in both Blue Lagoons, they had an exclusive pass to the best beauty therapist in town! So pack your cutest hat, cossies and sunglasses and don’t forget the sunscreen and lip balm in preparation for a sneaky little beauty session on your next trip to the coast.


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