lovely little listmakers.

Before I lose your attention when you think this post is going to be about how to write an efficient grocery list or how to best manage your time by prioritising with a ‘to do’ list at work (borrrrring!), I implore to you to read on and give me a chance to explain where I’m headed with this. Beginning our beautiful friendship in our early teens, marie and I have always been avid listmakers. To quote her from her top ten film fashion moments post, I also “suspect I have mild OCD” and when you put two obsessive perfectionists together, the endless listmaking begins.

You will notice as a result that we will happily and often share with you top three/five/ten *insert topic* lists. Please feel free to add to these if you think something is missing. I personally try to only list the enjoyable things in life, grocery shopping is thus done off the cuff and often results in a bevy of treats being chucked in to the trolley (whoops!). My lists make me smile and remind me of good times gone/things to look forward to. Examples of my favourite lists that I have had on the go for years now, even though they have changed over time, include:

  • Potential celebrity husbands – I started this one at a very young age and just never really grew out of my delusions. Look out Leo Dicaprio!
  • Celebrities I’d swap faces with – Sophia Bush, Blake Lively, Rosie Hungtington-Whitely, Ange Jolie etc.
  • Seasonal requirements – i.e. summer time is fast approaching so a new bikini and cute little dresses are a must, a visit to the hairdresser is in order, I also have to start working out again etc.

Yes. I did just write a list of lists. So as you can see and I’m sure marie would agree, listmaking is a lovely way to whimsically daydream or excitedly plan. My favourite of all of my lists is the very first one I remember writing with my best friend who I will call apple. My life’s to do list. We made plans and having only just reached double digits in the age department we did dream big. The plan specified career, writer, where we would live, Terrigal, how we would spend our days, waitressing in a cafe and included the agreement was that we would grow old together. It has been added to significantly since then and grown to include my deepest desires for what I’d like to achieve right down to the super cool things I’d like to eventually do. It’s not a bucket list, as I never intend to finish it. Every time I cross things off this list (and there are some pretty near impossible things on there) I replace it with something else. These are five of my must do additions to this list, the ones I really hope I get to cross off one day. Maybe that day will happen soon… life has been so overwhelmingly kind to me in 2012, that I feel like I could do just about anything.

My life list:

1. write a book.

Perhaps an obvious one for someone who enjoys writing but I don’t even care if it never gets read or published. As cool as that would be. I want to finish writing this book because it would make me feel accomplished and happy. I’ve just had this story in my head for a while now and I feel like I have something to say. So I intend to say it all through my writing. One day.

2. touch real Canadian snow.

Okay so I was a bit sneaky here and put two list items into one. I really (really!) want to go to Canada one day and to touch real snow and I figure that by going to Canada/Alaska one day I can kill two birds. I never thought I had the travelling bug but this holiday would make me a very happy girl. Besides, Stargate was filmed there and I’m desperate to see the sets in Vancouver.

3. pilgrimage to Brookvale Oval.

I’ve been to Brookvale Oval once before. It was out of season, just after Steve Menzies’ fairytale exit from the NRL with the Manly Sea Eagles blitzing the Melbourne Storm 40-0 in the ’08 Grand Final. That picture above was me on that day. Unfortunately, I have never seen Manly play a game at the ground they call the fortress. How can I call myself a diehard fan until I tick this off my list? The opposition quaking in fear, I hope to soon be in that very seat (well maybe not that exact one but for poetic purposes I’m going to run with it) surrounded by hundreds upon thousands of other lovely Manly fans. I’m going to be cheeky and ask for a victory too.

4. swim with sharks.

I had to use a picture of cartoon, almost cute sharks for this purely because looking at anything more real sends my heart in to anxious flutters. Ever since my family was at the beach and a monstrous hammerhead sauntered its naughty way in to the flagged area I have not been able to dive in to a wave without seeing flashes of a terrifying tooth filled mouth about to eat me up. This is a major problem for me because the beach and swimming in the salt water is my favourite place to be. I want to challenge myself and hopefully cure myself of this phobia by swimming with sharks one day. We’ll see if I ever get the courage to make it happen.

5. white picket fences.

If I could only pick one thing from my list to become a reality it would be this. Pretty self-explanatory, one day I want my own little house and my own healthy, happy little family. After all, what is the point of grand adventures and life changing moments if you have no one special to share them with?


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