my favorite place in the world.

I’ve been in Dublin for three days now and I’ve started every morning with a walk in Phoenix Park – somewhere I think I can call my favorite place in the world. It’s a walled park that spans almost 2,000 acres in the centre of town and it’s hard to describe how incredibly special this place is to me. It’s a short walk down the street from the house where I spent many years growing up and where my grandad lives. Through the gates is a whole other world. There’s so much to see and do there too – Dublin Zoo, some epic monuments, Ashtown Castle, the president’s house and the American Embassy, flower gardens, a 17th fort, beautiful meadows, woodland, a herd of wild Fallow deer and lots of other amazing wildlife. I don’t know if photos can do it justice, but when you are there it feels like being inside an Enid Blighton book.

It is an absolute writers’ dream – I could imagine authors like James Joyce sitting under an oak tree penning Finnegans Wake or Ulysses, both novels which feature the park. The lush surrounds inspire vibrant imagery and peace of mind.



If you are ever in Dublin I would strongly suggest spending some time here to see the sights. You don’t have to plan when to go, just start walking and see where you end up.


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