daily outfit: a coffee-coloured dress to celebrate my new-found love of coffee.

I have a new love and I don’t care who knows it. We have only been together for three days and already I am talking about my love to anyone and everyone who will listen. I dare say I am driving my friends, family and work colleagues a little mad. It was definitely not a ‘love at first sight’ kind of moment because I actually despised my love when we first met. You see, I was 16 and desperately trying to appear cultured and refined by being with someone so smooth, so adult – but deep down I could not bring myself to feel the love I so desperately wanted to feel. Flash forward eight years and I vowed to try again. We could make a great pair, I thought, if only I gave it another chance.

I thought it would feel forced to start with, given our rocky past. But I was willing to push through, because I knew I could grow accustomed to the relationship and the perks I knew it offered. But to my surprise, our first meeting was a breeze. It was quick, delightful and oh-so-easy. I think I fell in love right there and then. The 24-year-old version of myself was obviously ready and I jumped in head first. So here’s to you, my sweet love.

I’m talking about coffee, obviously… So today I wore a coffee-coloured dress as an ode to my new love. I felt trepidation about buying a brown town dress, but as long as I pair it with black, it’s feels alright.

Dress – vintage, from Southside Antiques.

Blazer – Portmans.

Shoes – My favorite wedges, Nero from Tony Bianco.

Necklace – My first present from AK and one of my treasures. Karen Walker Jewellery. It’s called the K log pendant and is still sold even though I got it almost six years ago. I’m lucky because Karen Walker doesn’t make every letter, she just makes Ks which suits me fine.

Glasses – Dita Eyewear. These frames are called the Statesman and I got them from Laced in Brisbane.


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