era error.

When I really want to try to understand someone, there are a few vital details I’m interested in. Some of these include, are they a sweet or a savoury person? Is family important to them? Cats or Dogs? Team Jolie or Team Aniston? A question I’ve recently begun to pose in the get-to-know-you stages of a friendship is ‘if you could exist in any era, when would it be?’. I ask because it is a question I asked of myself once and since then I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that perhaps I am living out my 20s in the wrong decade.

A hopeless dreamer, I am often lost in the realm of my imagination and when I am there, my imaginings are set to the backdrop of the 1950s. My skirt is full, hair perfectly pin curled and an Elvis record plays like a soundtrack in the background. Milkshake parlours and drive-ins are the popular local hang outs and Marilyn Monroe films are headlining in cinemas. Walking on the moon is still just a dream and nobody speaks in slang acronyms. In my imagination anyway.

It is easy to romanticise the past for the famed facts of its social context… fashions, music, lifestyle etc. However, the truth is that there are negatives to any period in history. Along with the good, there’s economic struggles, war and oppression and perhaps I have been positively affected by the medical advancements and opportunities of today that I take for granted and wouldn’t have had the luxury of over 50 years ago. I guess I’ll never know if I truly would have been happier in a different era and maybe even considering it is just the ramblings of an ‘over-thinker’.

One thing I do know for certain is that packing up the car for a night at the Yatala Drive-in Theatre will always be one of my favourite outings and this year I plan on checking out their 1950s Nostalgia Night in October. Second to realising my dream of acquiring a DeLorean time machine, this event could be the perfect opportunity to find out if I really was cut out for the 50s!


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