daily outfit: the winter coat fiasco.

This is my new coat. It’s from Forever New and I nearly became a homicidal maniac because of the wild goose chase the company sent me on during my quest to find it. I’ll start from the beginning. I saw this cutesy little number in the window at Westfield Carindale on Thursday night. After much (minimal) deliberation, I returned on Friday after work to purchase it. It was cheap ($129.99) and cheerful and seeing as I have an overseas trip and a wedding fast approaching, about all I could afford this winter.

Disappointingly, the size 8 had sold out but I was assured if I went to the city store they had four size 8s and I would leave with my beloved navy winter number. So I dragged AK into the city with me and he drove around the block while I went into the Myer Centre. There I was told by the sales assistant that although they had four size 8s, they could not sell me one because one was in the window (apparently lowly floor staff are not allowed to touch what the visual merchandisers have set up) and the other three were in their basement storage area…. ahhh!!

I left empty-handed and began to wonder if the coat was really for me. But the thought of its darling faux-fur stole and bow motivated me to traipse around Garden City on Saturday (I called ahead, I’m not a moron!) where I finally got to purchase Mirabelle. But wait, the saga did not end there. I beeped on the way out through the security things and took the coat back to the counter, uttering something along the lines of ‘can you please check this for hard tags, I’ve been to three stores trying to get this coat and I really don’t want to have to come back.’ To cut a long story short, they had missed a sneaky hard tag hidden under the collar which I discovered when I got home. Once my manic laughing/crying subsided, AK saved the day by bringing the coat to Carindale to get the hard tag removed.

I don’t actually even know if I can wear it now, because I’m filled with rage every time I think of how incompetently the whole thing was handled. But it’s so cute! But it’s evil. Warm and comfortable. The devil. We’ll see… I’m sure as the weather cools down I’ll be forced to wear it out further than my garden. But when I do, I have a sneaking suspicion a button will pop off or the whole thing will catch fire.


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