vintage salt and pepper shakers… love.

I’m a bit obsessed with kitsch vintage salt and pepper shakers – there are just so many cute pairs out there waiting to be loved. For our wedding favors, we decided to gift our guests with a set each. Sure, it’s not going to be something everyone cherishes, but neither is chocolate or a candle with our wedding date on it. And I know many of our family and friends share my love of vintage treasures so I’m sure they will get a chuckle from the sets I have chosen for them. So far we have bought about 60 sets of the necessary 100 and I just wanted to share a few of my favourites so far. We haven’t actually laid out who each set is going to go to, but I just couldn’t go past these darlings.

(Look at her little flower! Oh so sweet)

(Perhaps a good set for an avid reader – too cute)

(This pineapple one comes with a little sugar bowl too, divine)

(I may have a slight obsession with any kind of bird ornaments – it’s going to be hard to give these ones away)

The top two sets were bought at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre, the third was found at a flea market and the last one came from Etsy. It’s hard to find sets at a reasonable price, which is why finding bulk collections online is the best way to go.

Just a few of the many wonderful salt and pepper shaker sets we will have at our wedding. I will post some pictures after the big day (obviously) including some of the table settings because I think it’s going to look wonderful with these guys on everyone’s plates.



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