finding the perfect pair of jeans.

Females are majestic creatures. We smell like flowers and come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes. Not all of us are preoccupied with being typically ‘girly’ or find enjoyment in keeping up with the latest catwalk fashions but no matter the lady, one wardrobe staple we generally cannot live without is the perfect pair of jeans. When the nights become noticeably cooler and summer is in its final glorious days, I’m often hit with a sense of dread at the impossible mission I’m about to be faced with. The dictionary will tell you jeans are ‘informal trousers for casual wear made especially of denim’. Well for a simple pair of pants, there sure is a lot to take into consideration.

First of all, you need to understand your body shape. Some shapes you may have heard being referenced include pear, hourglass, rectangle shaped etc. I am pear shaped. If you would like to know what your shape is, all you need is a measuring tape and to visit the Westfield body shape calculator (great tips on most flattering outfit styles for your shape included!)

Secondly, you need to know what look/feel you are going for. Do you want indigo denim that can easily be dressed up or down? Black jeans? Or perhaps even coloured denim? Would you feel comfortable having your curves hugged in skinny leg jeans or prefer a more traditional bootcut? Or maybe you’re more concerned about comfort in which case the boyfriend style jean might be right up your alley.

Finally, you need to set yourself a budget and only try on jeans that fall within that allocation. There’s a pair of jeans out there to suit any budget but if you set out on your mission without a spending limit in mind, you might find yourself unable to decide between the pair that looks good and is an excellent price or the pair that looks great but will definitely break the bank.

For me, my criteria looked a little like this before the hunt began: colour, indigo. style, skinny leg & high waisted. budget, $150 – $300.

Once you know what you are looking for, the best advice I can give is to take a friend with you. When you’re flustered from whipping on and off pair after pair of unworn, skin tight denim and then can’t remember which one was ‘the one’ in the pile of pants you’ve amassed, their advice will be the only thing that keeps you sane. I was lucky enough to have an expert jean shopper in Marie by my side who directed me straight to the Nudie brand. Five minutes into my mission and I had found exactly what I was looking for in David Jones. This pair fit all my criteria and was even on sale so I snapped them up for $200.


2 thoughts on “finding the perfect pair of jeans.

  1. “no matter the lady, one wardrobe staple we generally cannot live without is the perfect pair of jeans.” I am the only person this does not apply to. I hate jeans, and they hate me.

    • That was definitely me too! However, I was determined this winter to find a pair to fall in love with 🙂

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