wedding invitations are a big deal.

When I began my journey down this crazy rabbit hole otherwise known as wedding planning, there were aspects that had me sleepless with excitement – finding that perfect vintage dress, choosing flowers, picking decor and a stumbling across a one-of-a-kind venue. I was literally scrapbooking like a madman for weeks. I wish I had discovered Pinterest sooner.

Likewise, there were elements that I just couldn’t give two hoots about. Wedding cars (do we really need them?), videography (we definitely don’t need it) and invitations. Wedding blogs begged me to care about card thickness, typography, letterpress invites (very cool but way out of budget) and embossing. Create your own wax seal emblem, they cried. Send your guests a love story, a map, a puzzle. Words like ‘bespoke’ and ‘couture’ were yelled at me from the screen, but when I did the math on some of these wonderful creations I was left aghast. $5-$10 per invite?? For 100 people? But we just need to give people the details of where to show up and that’s it.. right? Wrong.

Apparently I was deeply uneducated about the art of paper goods. This was the first thing people were going to see of my big day and heaven forbid they would be left unimpressed. An invite needed to set the tone, the colour palette and the dress code. It needed to excite, entertain and inform. Well we did our sums and figured out we needed to do all of this… for under $3 an invite. The first few sites I checked had invites starting from $5 and I did not even warrant a response from some of the sites that had no prices listed.

It wasn’t long before I was scouring page after page of handmade invites and vintage replicas on Etsy. If you are planning a DIY or vintage flavoured wedding, Etsy will be your new best friend. We had loosely discussed a colour scheme (blue, cream and white) and so my searches were along the lines of ‘blue vintage wedding invite’, ordered from lowest price to highest.

After many days trawling through the pages and pages of options, here are our beautiful invites. Hopefully they will tell our guests that our wedding is going to be low-key, charming and sweet. Check out Go Go Snap Stationary.

Also have a look at some of their other beautiful designs. I definitely had a hard time choosing.


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