how to: paint cute polka dot nails.

Maybe everyone already knows how to do this, but I just figured out how to paint polka dots on my nails and need to share this amazing discovery with the world.

My kit just includes my base colour, dot colour, nail polish remover (to fix any mistakes), a toothpick and some scissors. I also grabbed tape because I wanted to try doing stripes, but the dots worked out so well I did them on both hands and will try stripes at a later date.

I started with two coats of my base colour, in this case it’s a lovely pastel purple from Sportsgirl. 

Once those coats have completely dried I dipped the flat end of a toothpick into my dot colour (just a cheapy white polish from the local chemist). If the toothpick is pointy at both ends, cut one end with scissors to make it flat. Carefully use that end to paint the dots on each finger. I mixed it up so that the dots weren’t in a line and are kind of all over the place. I think that looks best. Polka dots are supposed to be a bit crazy.

Once you have done every finger (and toes if you like), finish with a clear top coat and you’re all done. Ta da! So easy even I can do it.


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