our quest to find the best cupcake in Brisbane.

When we first discussed the idea of writing a blog together, we had a good long chat about what we wanted to achieve. Other than becoming rich and famous enough to quit our day jobs and enjoy long, wine-filled lunches, we knew we wanted to entertain and inform readers on all the fun things we get up to in Brisbane. The city may be small, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in wonderful people, unexpected beauty and fabulous places to wile away the hours.

Literally the first idea that came to us for a post was ‘let’s try and hunt down the best cupcake in Brisbane’. Pure genius really. What girl doesn’t love a good cupcake? Cupcake shops are becoming increasingly popular around Brisbane and are popping up almost as fast as burrito joints, new bars and those bloody pies with faces on them. So we compiled a list of five cupcake havens and spent a lovely Saturday driving to each one, selecting the best of what they had to offer and then eating and judging – so much eating and judging. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the tough, hard work that went into this post. We entered a sugar-induced coma for you!

First stop, Bulimba Bakery for one of their vanilla cupcakes with passionfruit buttercream icing. Homemade looking and so yummy. Look: 6 Texture: 10 Icing: 9 Overall experience: 8

Poppy Cakes – Peanut butter and chocolate. This icing blew our minds. Look: 8 Texture: 7 Icing: 10 Overall experience: 8

Salted caramel. Look: 8 Texture: 7 Icing: 8 Overall experience: 7

Red velvet. Perfect to bring to a party and impress your friends, but could be better with cream cheese icing. Look: 9 Texture: 8 Icing: 7 Overall experience: 8

Cake Star – Honey and pistachio. This one taught us not to judge a book by its cover. Look: 4 Texture: 10 Icing: 7 Overall experience: 9.5

Carousel Cupcakes – Bonanza (chocolate and coconut). Best of the cupcakes from Carousel. Look: 5 Texture: 6 Icing: 4 Overall experience: 5

Vanilla Milkshake (vanilla cake with vanilla bean icing). Maybe we got this one on an off day – the icing was super hard and tough to eat. Look: 7 Texture: 4 Icing: 3 Overall experience: 3

Pink poodle (strawberry icing on vanilla cake). Look: 4 Texture: 4 Icing: 2 Overall experience: 3

The Cupcake Parlour – Lemon sorbet. This one grabbed our attention as soon as we walked in. Beautiful. Look: 10 Texture: 6 Icing: 5 Overall experience: 5

Turkish Delight. Super sweet. Look: 6 Texture: 5 Icing: 3 Overall experience: 4

Mars Bar. This one had a gooey caramel centre – drool. Look: 7 Texture: 6 Icing: 6 Overall experience: 6

Fairy floss. Tasted a lot like musk sticks. Look: 7 Texture: 5 Icing: 6 Overall experience: 6

Yep, you counted right. We ended up with a dozen cupcakes to taste and judge. When you have to eat that many cupcakes in a row, you start to get quite selective about the ones you choose to finish. If I’m given one cupcake, I’m going to eat that one cupcake even if it’s a bit dry or the icing is slightly hardened. But give me 12 and I start to become a complete cupcake snob – oh it’s too sweet, not sweet enough, too dry, too dense, the presentation is sooo predictable… we were both in fits of giggles about how ridiculous we sounded judging these sugary morsels of deliciousness. Any cupcake is better than no cupcake, but in the end the Cake Star’s Pistachio and Honey cupcake won our hearts and our bellies despite its average appearance because it was a unique flavour, perfectly executed with amazing texture and beautiful buttery icing. I’m drooling just thinking about it actually.

On a side note – this flavour will now make up one tier of our wedding cake (my fiance and I, not Frannie and Marie – we’re purely platonic lady friends) and that is the piece I will be shotgunning on the day. So help me God, if someone gets between this bride and her cake there might just be hell to pay.

(Please excuse the dodgy iPhone photos – I just got a new Canon 550D and our photos will be looking super slick from now on)


5 thoughts on “our quest to find the best cupcake in Brisbane.

  1. Erm, why did you not rquest one of my chocolcate brownie cupcakes with russian caramel icing? I would have totally won. Except for presentation.

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